Effects of Technology to Our Health

During the launching of a new phone model from a renowned brand, people get ecstatic and excited. Same goes when gaming laptops or rigs are released. These technological advancements are produced and are continually being discovered to help improve the lives of the people, whether it is for automation, entertainment, and basically making our lives easier and fun. And because of these, our everyday lives are now dependent on it. Sometimes it causes restlessness if separated from these gadgets. However, little do we know that these strong dependencies are coupled with negative effects to health, especially in Dallas and Frisco. Dallas therapist Shannon Thornton is a great source of advice on the matter.

These can affect us physically or mentally, however, people usually neglects it or are not totally aware. To raise awareness, here is a list of the harmful effects of it in our health.

Harmful effects of technology to our health

  • Technological Attention Deficit Disorder – also known as Tech ADD, this is the primary concern of mothers and educators nowadays. A health expert says that getting immersed in technological gadgets helps in short circuiting our brains. This is due to our dependency on spell checks and other automation that lose our ability to solve problems and analyze them deeply. In addition, researchers blame this for the decreasing attention span of most people.
  • Sleep disorders – In relations to excessive gadgets use, researchers say that it can affect us whenever we sleep. This is whenever we use our laptops or phones right before we sleep, we tend to be discomforted when sleeping since the glowing light from our phone and laptop screens provides adverse effect to adhere our sleep.
  • Digital eyestrain and headache – while almost 62% of the jobs in America requires the use of the internet to complete their work, digital eyestrain is commonly felt. It gives us blurry vision and dry eyes while people stare at a computer or gadget the whole day.  Digital eyestrain can also result in headaches for some cases.
  • Risk in obesity due to health and fitness issues – once people get a hold of their smartphone or laptop, physical inactivity comes in. Especially nowadays where people spend hours on digital devices that interferes with physical exercise or activity. It was found by researchers that college student who usually uses their smartphones had lower cardiorespiratory fitness.
  • Neck and back pain – hours of inactivity due to tech gadgets is also the basic reason of neck and back pain. This is whenever we tilt our necks to read text in laptops or smartphones, we put tension and strain to the neck muscles. In addition, sitting for long hours without proper posture can hurt our backs.

Seek for the best Dallas family clinic

These effects may seem normal to us, but it should also be addressed immediately through a Family Therapist in Dallas. People in Fresco could also come and visit. These professional and knowledgeable therapists can help us in alleviating the physical pain that we may feel due to the effects of technology. Also, they can give us tips and techniques to recur from pain and stress for us and our family.






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